Resize a pasted image?

  • jdavidcole

    I want to resize a pasted image by using a pointer tool (not having to enter dimensions). Is this possible?

    • TheoCryst

      Unfortunately, not yet.  To effectively allow resize-by-pointer, the whole "image is centered in the window" thing may need to be rethought; otherwise there's no real reference point of "this will stay static" or anything.  At this point it's more of a design choice than a technical limitation, which means that it could very well be added in a small(ish) update.  Stay tuned!

      ~ Mike
      Lead Developer, Soggy Waffles

  • Hey Mike, is there some other way to re-size just a portion of the image? If not, this is a must-have feature.

    Without this, this does not even rise to the level of MS Paint. It would just be a doodle app.

    How many people chose this app to doodle? I doodle to share a design with someone remote and your app is not the best choice for that because it does not have online sharing and collaboration. Even if it did, I would not use it for that because it is a console app.

    For mocking something up that does not have to be pretty but just get the point across, your app is what I need. It is familiar, simple, elegant, and does not force layers on me.

    But it's not a car without a steering wheel and in the same way resizing is part of the basic expectations I have for this app.

    Thanks for all your great work, the application is beautiful and was a pleasant surprise in every other way.

    It is a very wonderful gift to the community. Thanks again.