Hi all on the pagetool-devel list,

Long time no speak!

I finally finished my own site, using Pagetool and found I had to make a few adjustment to the code to get


to work correctly, that code is in CVS now. I also found I'd got other code I hadn't committed to CVS, mainly to do with the default data that Pagetool come with, and the sample sites. Here are the sample sites as currently in the CVS default data:

http://www.pagetool.org/             www.pagetool.org

http://www.papertiger.org/           Paper Tiger TV

http://www.livesoundengineers.com/   Live Sound Engineers

http://larutb.ped.gu.se/             IT i lärarutbildningarna

http://www.canalseisdejulio.com/     Canal 6 de julio

http://www.orkdal.vgs.no/pt/         Orkdal vidaregåande skole

http://www.criticalresistance.org/   Critical Resistance

http://www.monitorengineer.co.uk/    Dave Guerin - Monitor Engineer

If anyone wants to add any sites, or remove any of the above, then let me know. I might have some time to do a release, 1.08 I think, in the next month.


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