If I were a great electrician I should know what to ask, he said But I am too ignorant to take advantage of your kind offer.
Then, replied the Demon, I will myself suggest the gifts, and they will be of such a character that the Earth people will learn the possibilities that lie before them and be encouraged to work more intelligently and to persevere in mastering those natural and simple laws which control electricity.
For one of the greatest errors they now labor under is that electricity is complicated and hard to understand It is really the simplest Earth element, lying within easy reach of any one who stretches out his hand to grasp and control its powers, Rob yawned, for he thought the Demon's speeches were growing rather tiresome.
Perhaps the genius noticed this rudeness, for he continued: I regret, of course, that you are a boy instead of a grown man, for it will appear singular to your friends that so thoughtless a youth should seemingly have mastered the secrets that have baffled your most learned scientists.
But that can not be helped, and presently you will become, through my aid, the most powerful and wonderful personage in all the world.
Thank you, said Rob, meekly, It'll be no end of fun.
Fun! echoed the Demon, scornfully.
But never mind; I must use the material Fate has provided for me, and make the best of it What will you give me first? asked the boy, eagerly.
That requires some thought, returned the Demon, and paused for several moments, while Rob feasted his eyes upon the gorgeous rays of color that flashed and vibrated in every direction and surrounded the figure of his visitor with an intense glow that resembled a halo, Then the Demon raised his head and said: The thing most necessary to man is food to nourish his body.
He passes a considerable part of his life in the struggle to procure food, to prepare it properly, and in the act of eating.
This is not right.
Your body can not be very valuable to you if all your time is required to feed it, I shall, therefore, present you, as my first gift, this box of tablets Within each tablet are stored certain elements of electricity which are capable of nourishing a human body for a full day.