RDP - problem - Network Level Authentication

  • Running Ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64-bit and PAC v4.3.1.3.

    I can't connect with RDP to my win7 client and win2008r2 server if "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)" is enabled on them.

    I have tested with Remmina and it works from it, Remmica uses rdesktop to connect with RDP.

    I can connect from PAC I set the Remote desktop setting on the win7 client and win2008r2 server to "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)".

  • Hi!
    Please, simply try to uninstall "rdesktop", and install "xfreerdp". Then try again.
    If any error appear, delte that connection and re-create it.

    Please, let me know if that solved your problem.
    - David.

  • I have upgraded pac to v 4.4, removed rdesktop and installed freerdp-x11 (xfreerdp).
    The old connections did not work so I created a new connection to test with.

    When I connect to the new connection I get this:

    I get asked for password, but not the username and it's all in a console.

  • Shouldn't it be possible in the preferences of pac to choose what rdp client to use? If different rdp client behave different.

  • Hmm…weird…
    Could you please start PAC from a terminal, in order to see any aoutput it may "spit"??
    Also, could you pleaes, send me screenshots of both the connection properties and RDP properties??

  • screenshots series 1: connection not working.

    screenshot 1: connection properties.

    screenshot 2: rdp properties.

    screenshot 3: connection and terminal.

  • screenshots series 2: connection working but rdp starts in a new windows.

    screenshot 1: connection properties.

    screenshot 2: rdp properties.

    screenshot 3: connected.

  • screenshot 4: reconnected.

    screenshots series 3: connection not working after rdesktop is reinstalled.

    screenshot 1: connection failed.

  • I have now replaced it and tested by creating a new connection, I could not see any difference. Same experience as the screenshots above shows.