Notes feature server physical location


  • Anonymous


    've been using pacmanager well.
    Thank you for making a good program to do this.

    I am writing a feature which has been added one kind.
    SSH access (such as RDP, VNC connection if the input function) notes feature a floating pop-up like when you hover your mouse cursor, I hope not.
    Web01 server rack at 1-1 Make note that if, for example, to find the actual server is very helpful.

    Thank you.

  • Hi!

    I'm not fully sure to understand what you mean…
    You may use the "Preferences" -> "Show connections tooltips" in order to have a tooltip popup with the "Info" text defined for every connection. You may enable (check) it or disable (uncheck) it.
    If enabled, you may input your physical information fo rthat connection in the "Info" panel, which will then appear on the tooltip popup.

    - David.