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feature - request : Let connection-groups have their own properties and let the children inherit of them

  • emmanuel

    I have the feeling that the way the connection attributes are spread on the connection-group childrens (using the substitution form) is too static.

    Why not let the connection-groups have their own properties. The children would inherit of them.

    That would makes the connection tree a kind of hierachical (or object ?) database; note that I'm not an expert in databases.

    A side-effect : One can imagine that to click on a connection-group would open a "PACEdit" connection window with the connection-group attributes allready set. That would allow to have many preconfigured "quick connect" windows; that would be good for people who manages different customers but who don't knows all the server names or when the servers are too many to have them all in the connection tree (>100 for instance).

    Thank you for reading,


    This is the second time I post this topic, the first time it simply disapears just after posting. If then there are two same topics please accept my apologize