selection when doubleclicking

  • Hi,

    now when I doubleclick text in the terminal, it is selected until or between slashes. For example, if I doubleclick "/var/www/html", only "var" or "www" is selected. I'd like doubleclick to select entire line.

  • Gnome terminal for example selects the whole "/var/www/html" line, which is what I need. Can the same be made in PAC too?

  • Nerijus,

    Where you able to perform this fix so it choose the whole "/var/www/html" instead of in between slashes?

    In PAC of course.

  • Hi!

    The characters that delimit a "word" for double-click selection, can be found in PAC at "Preferences" -> "PAC Main Options" -> "Advanced" -> "Select-by-word characters".

    The default value is:

    And the one that should be used (my fault!) is:


    Please, replace that field, save, close terminals and restart them. You'll see the difference! :)

    • David.
    Last edit: David Torrejón Vaquerizas 2014-07-22
  • Wow, there was an option for this! Thanks, it worked even without restarting.

  • I changed to "_.:\/-A-Za-z0-9" but now another problem - when I doubleclick, for example, "CompressLevel=8", only small letters are selected - "ompress" or "evel=8".