Some basic test results with 4.4

  • Pop

    Hi David …

    Just did some basic testing with PAC 4.4 and everything seems to be working :-)
    Glad you have included save Cluster functionality !

    This is just to report some minor error messages being trown to terminal when PAC is launched from there:

    Those two, I just saw in RHEL during PAC launch from a terminal:

    (pac:11613): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `round_digits' for class `GtkHScale'

    (pac:11613): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `round_digits' for class `GtkHScale'

    This one, I saw it in RHEL and in Xubuntu whenever we close any terminal (ssh, rdp, etc):

    *** unhandled exception in callback:
    ***   Can't call method "set_background_transparent" on an undefined value at /opt/pac/lib/ line 3377.
    ***  ignoring at /opt/pac/lib/ line 231.

    Guess a little cleanup is needed for those which does not seem to cause any problem/issue.
    Once again thanks for your work and support.

  • Hi!

    There's nothing I can do about those "libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `round…..", you know, Perl/Gkt2 things :( Anyway, that's not a real problem ;)

    I have also solved those "Can't call method "set_background_transparent" on an……" (which were not faults also).

    Thank you very much!!
    - David.