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#142 trayicon not visible anymore

Fabio Rossi

After the upgrade to PAC 4.5.1 the program was running correctly. Then I tried the option "Use Black & White tray icon" which requires a restart of the program. After that step PAC doesn't show anymore a tray icon even if I unckeck the option just cited. The program is up and running regurarly.

In the pac.yml file I see this options related to the trayicon:
close to tray: ''
minimize to tray: ''
show tray icon: ''
use gui password tray: ''
tray available: ~

After launching the program I don't see the tray icon and the main window because it's configured to start iconified. I need to launch again from the command line to see the main window. If I disable the iconification at startup I can see the window but again not the tray icon.

Moreover I noticed I can't anymore iconify the program.


  • Fabio Rossi
    Fabio Rossi

    I have just read the changelog about the trayicon and Unity or GNOME3. I'm using KDE so it'd be good to see the old behaviour

  • Hi!

    Sorry, I found some bugs.
    Please, check out PAC, and let me know if it worked
    And sorry for the inconvenience... :(

    - David.

    • status: open --> pending
  • Fabio Rossi
    Fabio Rossi

    • status: pending --> open
  • Fabio Rossi
    Fabio Rossi

    It seems fixed now, thanks :-)

    • status: open --> closed-fixed