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IP Options

  • dmiva

    Program calculate wrong checksum of IP packet when an ip options is used. Can You make some dialog(in human form), so I can select varios IP options. And how can I use bit 6,7 of TOS & bit 0 of Flags(reserved according to rfc791).

    • Miha Jemec
      Miha Jemec


      I took a look and things work at my side. If I put the value 0x12345678 inside IP options and set the IP header length to 0x6, then the result is ok (shown inside ethereal).

      There is no plan to support different options right now, you will need to set them manually.

      Regarding the 1 and 2 bit LSB inside TOS header - you can choose any value you want if you enter this directly. For example, setting manually 0xFF value will set all the bits. In the next version there could be GUI option to choose this, but right now you can set them manually.