problem with some options


  • Anonymous

    Hi~ I want to send packets to
    However, there're some problems I cannot solve.

    Here's the picture:,iqSNh,iqSNh#1

    1. In IPv4 data ("Header length")
    Header length of the packets I want to send is 20.
    But the "Header length"  only accepts one digit number.
    How to solve this kind of problem?

    The packets I want to send didn't specify "TOS"(In IPv4 data) & "urgent pionter"(In TCP data)
    Are these two arguments important when sending  TCP packets?

    3.In IPv4 data ("options 0x")
    TCP data options of the packets I want to send is 0x12
    But it kept showing error message:"Wrong length of tcp options field(length mod 8 must be 0)"
    0x12 mod 8 should be zero, I also tried 0x08, 0x00…etc. But the error message didn't change.
    I have no idea why this happens, is it relevant to "Header length"?

    Thanks! Any thought and help will be appreciated.