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There's a pre-release of the next version on the site -- it fixes a small bug, the main thing here is that it applies cleanly against 2.4.7 which was released just a day or so after the last release. Find it here:

or from one of the mirror sites.


Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-07-24


New release is up, grab it from here or as usual. Enjoy, Jens

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-07-18


Put up a new version, get it from here or as usual.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-05-09


Put up the next pre-release, get it from:


Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-05-08

brelse patch, also here seems to have rsync problems currently, so I've attached the brelse-1 patch to the packet-0.0.2j files as well.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-30

brelse() bug



on top of packet-0.0.2j to fix it.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-30


New version up, get it while it's hot.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-28

packet-0.0.2i-b, files replaced

A last minute change broke the compile, I added the -b release files instead. Sorry about the confusion.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-27


It's up, against 2.4.3 and 2.4.4-pre8

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-27


The 3rd pre-patch for 0.0.2i has been uploaded to, find it here:


It's against 2.4.4-pre6 and 2.4.3 stock, there's a ChangeLog included in the tar ball.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-23


There's a pre2 version of 0.0.2i up now, see

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-21


There's a 0.0.2i-pre1 release up, but only on Find it in /pub/linux/kernel/people/axboe/packet

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-21


It's up, enjoy.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2001-04-20

mailing list

There's a mailing list at, in case you've missed it. Subscribe by sending an empty e-mail to


Posted by Jens Axboe 2000-09-08

__start___kallsyms missing

Compile will fail, if kdb is enabled in the kernel. The reason is that the file arch/i386/ is included in my diff exclude-list. Manually edit that file and insert

__start___kallsyms = .; /* All kernel symbols */
__stop___kallsyms = .;

after the section that has __start___ksymtab listed.

Or, you can just omit compiling with kdb in this release.

Posted by Jens Axboe 2000-06-21