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Pablowdraw. The future. Features?

  • Brilliant tool.
    What I'd like to see is a paint-style interface, since manually moving the caret around and blocking -- although very true to the oldskool ansi/ascii editors -- can get rather bothersome to some of us priviledged enough to have a mouse connected as well. ;)
    And while on the topic of mice, maybe you could also add some more fuctionality to the buttons, such as holding right mouse button down while scrolling could cycle colors, or similar. That would reduce some clicking around.
    This is definitely one of the best tools out there.
    Keep up the great work. :)


  • some things i'd like to see in future versions:

    *save as: png
    *convert ascii colors from black dos mode to white notepad mode and vice versa (i started this nfo for some dude, and he wanted the whites to be inverted.. i did it manually.. the horror the horror)

    • Curtis Wensley
      Curtis Wensley

      So, you wanted to change the actual colour?  Usually you save an ascii without colour, so it apears properly when viewed in notepad.  To do so, save as *.txt or *.asc.

      There is a 'notepad mode' available in the options to show how it will look in notepad, which changes all of the gray on black to black on white..

  • Pablo Draw is brilliant, but I hope in future versions you'll do a russian ASCII-codepage (like in late releases of ACiDDraw), maybe in a special patch 'cause a lot of russian artists use PabloDraw and it's not really convinient to switch from PabloDraw to ACiDDraw to write text in russian...

    • Curtis Wensley
      Curtis Wensley

      Sure, this is not a problem.  The hardest part is getting the russian font.  If someone can use like pablodraw-dos or itpdraw to save an XBIN along with it's character set, then I can include it in pablodraw for windows.

      Curtis aka Eto