Can use in xcode?

kobby liao
  • kobby liao
    kobby liao

      I download p7zip_9.13 source code and build in MAC OS 10.6.
      I use "make all2" to build Can I link this in xcode?
      If can, how to do it?
      Here is the step that I add to my project.
        (1) Group & File -> Project -> Add -> Existing Files -> select "".
        (2) copy to /usr/lib.

      The project can build and run. Is it right?

      Another thing, how do I use it?
      I have no idea to how to use this .so file.

      Do I need to add the .h file in my project?
      If so, it will cause build fail in many .h file.

      Please someone help me.
      Thanks a lot!!!

  • my p7zip
    my p7zip

    You can compile p7zip under xcode :

    cd CPP/7zip/CMAKE

    now you can open CPP/7zip/P7ZIP.Xcode with xcode.

    To use with an explicit load, look at CPP/7zip/UI/Client7z/Client.7z

    The API is not easy …

    I did not try to use or link directly as Igor Pavlov does not provide it in its 7-zip package.

    • Steven

      Hi my p7zip. I am trying to use p7zip to extract one 7zip file on mac. Well, there is NArchive::N7z::CHandler to open and extract one 7zip file. However, it needs customer to define their own CArchiveOpenCallback and CArchiveExtractCallback. Why does not p7zip to offer one direct api that takes only one 7zip file name and one destination path to extract file?