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Use of commons logging

  • Ralph Harnden
    Ralph Harnden

    I propose that p6spy be enhanced to use apache.commons.logging, and deprecate the proprietary logging.
    The existing proprietary logging could be emulated exactly by configuring the underlying logging facility (e.g. log4j, java.util.logging, etc.) appropriately.

    Furthermore, the current mechanism for configuring what gets traced should be supplanted by using logging categories.
    For example, Loggers could be established for "connection", "statement", "result", "error", etc.
    That way, we could use the underlying logging component to configure what gets logged.
    We could also revise p6spy code to generate log strings iff the corresponding logger is enabled.

    Use of aopache.commons.logging would also supplant the feature requests for java.util.logging support (request #683018) and log4j support (request #541381). although the latter is somewhat fulfilled by the existing support for log4j.

    Any thoughts?  Is anybody listening?

    Ralph Harnden

    • Pat

      look at the svn repo and send me a patch!

  • Pat

    Hi there -

    Sorry for the late response. I think I am the only one who has recently done anything with p6spy. I got some basic access to this project from the only original developer I could reach. Unfortunately, not full project admin access. So I have moved over to github for further development.

    You are welcome to help out there by forking and then sending me a pull request.

    Further development at : https://github.com/patmoore/p6spy