separate output by webapp

  • marc gaines
    marc gaines

    thanks for providing this really great tool as open source.
    i got a question about the ability to seperate the output in the spy.log by web applications.
    i'm working in a great environment with hundereds of web applications connecting to db2 on ibm mainframes. in case of tracing all these apps i want to examine sql by an explicit web app. for example:
    i want to see all statements for a web app xy.
    the next problem i have is, that have to copy the needed jar-files and property-files in every web-inf folder of each web app i want to examine. we haven't externalized the driver specification.


    marc gaines

    • If you only need to watch the outout for only one webapp at a time you can use the useprefix option. By setting it to true, p6spy will only log sql statements for JDBC URLs that start with 'p6spy:'