Fix for Including Excluding Tables


  • Anonymous

    Hi I have programmed a Fix for the inclusion/Exclusion of Tables that didn't work properly in the foundTable Method:

        static boolean foundTable(String sql, String tables) {
            sql = sql.toLowerCase();
            boolean found = false;
            if (tables != null) {
                for (int i = 0; !found && i < tables.length; i++) {
                    found = Pattern.matches("select.*from(.*"+tables_+".*)(where|;|$)", sql);

            return found;

    Could you please give me access rights so I can add the fix into svn.

    Also I am having issues comiling the code in eclipse - the ant nor the maven script work for me.

    Help would be greatly appreciated._

  • Pat

    Sorry I don't have ability to give access…

    if you can use the 1.5 modern loops it would be great

    and submit patches as an svn diff I would be happy to apply them and submit them

  • Sorry I don't know how to submit an svn diff out of Eclipse. If you cold help me with that I would like to submit the patched version with Modern loop.

  • Okay I generated the patch and send it to you - hope you can integrate the patch soon.

  • Pat

    Hi there -

    applied at :