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Released version 0.6.1

We just released version 0.6.1 of the Perforce Team Provider for Eclipse. This version contains a lot of bug fixes over 0.6.0. Additional features like resolving files within the IDE are also included.

Posted by Boris Pruessmann 2003-03-16

Released version 0.6.0

Quite and advance in version numbering, the new Perforce Team Provider for Eclipse provides major improvements in user requested areas.

The new version provides support for multiple Perforce servers, better support for offline work, new experimental platforms and many more.

Posted by Boris Pruessmann 2002-12-15

Released version 0.0.8

The new version of p4eclipse is a maintenance release, adding the option to disable background cache updates.

Posted by Boris Pruessmann 2002-08-02

Released version 0.0.7

We just release version 0.0.7 of the Perforce Team Provider. The new version fixes some issues regarding server side resources.

Versions prior to 0.0.6 keep the connection to the Perforce server. This might cause resource problems on the server (memory, sockets), so we introduced an inactivity timeout.

Posted by Boris Pruessmann 2002-07-26

Released version 0.0.6

Version 0.0.6 of the Perforce Team Provider Plugin is available via the Eclipse Update Manager. Instructions can be found at:

Posted by Boris Pruessmann 2002-07-17