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Diff of /pyforge/pyforge/websetup/ [4cbb39] .. [1f3798] Maximize Restore

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--- a/pyforge/pyforge/websetup/
+++ b/pyforge/pyforge/websetup/
@@ -22,12 +22,12 @@'Saving data to cache in .test-data')
     if os.path.exists('.test-data'):
-    os.system('mongodump -o .test-data > mongodump.log')
+    os.system('mongodump --port 28018 -o .test-data > mongodump.log')
 def restore_test_data():
     if os.path.exists('.test-data'):'Restoring data from cache in .test-data')
-        rc = os.system('mongorestore --dir .test-data > mongorestore.log')
+        rc = os.system('mongorestore --port 28018 --dir .test-data > mongorestore.log')
         return rc == 0
         return False