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Restoring multiple files is now possible

The last minor update (version brought the ability to retrieve ALL the files that had been backed up on one specific remote user's computer.

The restore negotiation determines the most recent complete available version for each file backed up, and the user can then resotre all of these files.

Note: when restoring files, Backup P2P re-creates the full folders hierarchy under which the files were originally found, which helps reconstruct the disk status before any issue.

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2009-05-03

Release 0.0.2 is alive

Well, it's only been two days since 0.0.2.beta came out, but the issues that were preventing us from releasing final 0.0.2 weren't as bad as expected.

As announced (a long time) before, this version will come with these changes:
- new underlying P2P framework allowing more effecient transfers and better monitoring, and thus speed control.
- evolutive jobs architecture, the basis for future developments with new jobs (multiple files restore, etc.)
- scheduling (allow the program to perform jobs only in selected time slots)
- new architecture for cryptographic providers - this is not exploited yet but will allow different modes of encryption, or no encryption at all if of interest
- etc.

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2009-04-29

New beta release - 0.0.2 unleashed!

Hi all,

I just published the new beta release for version 0.0.2.
This includes the new P2P framework and enables incremental backup.
For this beta release, it is not yet possible to restore a file, but fix will very soon come.

Enjoy !

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2009-04-27

Back to life

Hey all,
As I was finishing my studies and before I started being a regular worker, I went on a long & nice trip in South America. That was amazing !
But now that I'm back I've decided to give this project (that counts to me) a fresh start.
I've SVNed a bit and retrieved the last version I uploaded, and I started playing with it. This allowed to fix several critical bugs that prevented me from proposing a downloadable version 0.0.2.
This should be done very soon now.

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2009-04-26

Smack twicking

I've been fighting for a while to get what I wanted out of the Smack library. One thing still puzzles me though, why is it that the API doesn't expose both input and output streams when transfers are negotiated ? Anyway, I've decided to modify the underlying code (which is very clean by the way) to improve bidirectional sockets negotiation.

This will also be a good opportunity to enable the port number configuration which was hardcoded up to now.... read more

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-11-10

Help wanted for internationalization !

The architecture of Backup P2P is on its way for an important refactoring. The aim is to better leverage the underlying Eclipse RCP plugin architecture.

Hum... what I'm trying to say is that language dependant resources are now externalized, at least for those exposed in the UI. This means it is now much easier to translate the software. So far, only English and French translations are available.

THIS IS A CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS! Anyone willing to participate and help Backup P2P become a real internation software is more than WELCOME!... read more

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-10-24

Why would you download a P2P backup system?

A p2p (peer-to-peer) backup system integrates the advantages of distributed P2P networks, and those of backup systems that help you maintain copies of your files (useful in case of a data incident).

The value of data keeps increasing with the amount of digital information we keep on our hard disks. However, losing files is rather common and recovering these losses is not an easy task. It may be a horrible disk crash or simply a manipulation mistake (have you ever clicked on "delete" by mistake ;) ?)...... read more

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-10-21

Backup P2P inaugurates its Wiki

A new Wiki has been created to help people enter the incredible world of Backup P2P:

It is not very complete but it's still a good start to help people use the software. It is also an interesting place to share any information about backup and peer to peer networks.

Please feel free to submit any improvement suggestions!

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-10-11

What's next after this first demo release?

Let's start with a little history. This project started as a school project at Ecole Centrale Paris, proposed and supervised by the company Smile. The first release (0.0.1) corresponds to the version that was showed for our final demo, in April 2008. This demo was really a proof of concept, building the basic foundation for the system. In fact, there are numerous bugs and usage is quite complicated. For instance, getting started with the software is almost impossible since you cannot even create your backup community.... read more

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-10-08

First release !

The first release is now made available in version 0.0.1 (yeah, it's the first).
It is packaged as a standalone RCP application.
Note that since this is the first version, performances are not very satisfying yet, but we'll certainly improve that !

Hope you like the concept, feedback is very welcome !

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-09-21

Security & Echange Policy

Security comes at three different levels:

1. The Jabber protocol ensures the maximum connection security available when the user connects to the server.

2. All outgoing private data is encrypted locally before being sent to a peer, using the algorithm AES 128.

3. A and B actually transfer data through a secured socket.

On top of that, the "policy" in place is very respectful towards the user who receives data:... read more

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-03-10

Files indexer

The user chooses to watch some folders.
These folders are regularly scanned by an index engine which tracks folders modifications: file added/modified/removed.
While it indexes folders, the engine keeps track of the files which require an update so that the transfer manager knows what transfers to negotiate in a second time.

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-03-10

Protocol: Jabber (XMPP)

This software implements the protocol Jabber thanks to the open source library Smack, provided by
Instant messaging capabilities of the Jabber network are used to send metadata and transfer negotiation from one user to another.
When a transfer is correctly negotiated, a secured socket can then be opened directly between the two peers, and is used to send encrypted data.

The community of Jabber users is extremly wide and the system will benefit from it. For instance, there are many public Jabber servers avaiable over the Internet, so it is easy for a user to create an account freely.
If a person already has a Jabber account, he/she can use it to connect to the backup community.
If not, he/she can create an account by specifying a Jabber server and his/her username (+password).

Posted by Raphaël Thollot 2008-03-10