Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking / News: Recent posts

22.12.2002 BETA-2 Release

Many, many bugs were fixed.
The GUI version of hijackd is debugged and the crazysniffer
tool has got a new GUI and new functions.

Posted by Bastian Ballmann 2002-12-22

Icmp Redirect

Now one can do a man in the middle attack by using icmpredir to change a victims default gateway to another machine.

Posted by Bastian Ballmann 2002-12-14

Hijackd / hijack module

There is a new tool hijackd for automatically hijacking plain protocols. Currently only telnet is supported.
And the hijacking stuff is now stored in the module.

Posted by Bastian Ballmann 2002-09-07

28.07.2002 Feed SN0RT / modules updates

Feed SN0RT now supports the following protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, can replace SN0RT variables like $HTTP_PORTS, can be configured via configfile and there is a GUI version of the tool.

[Developer Notes] can now handle multiple source ip adresses (list or range), create a config object out of the common P.A.T.H. config files and store / receive all options of a packet.

[Developer Notes] is a library to create a packet (Net::RawIP object) using a config object or a reference to a config hash.

Posted by Bastian Ballmann 2002-07-29

26.07.2002 First major update

A simple GUI has been developed for the sniffer script.

Feed SN0RT version 0.1 has been implemented into the project.

[Developer Notes] All scripts now support the main configuration module

Posted by Bastian Ballmann 2002-07-29

Project started

Today the project started with version 0.1. Currently it is in ALPHA state, but this will change soon! ;)

Posted by Bastian Ballmann 2002-05-14