Oxidizer Tutorial?

  • SnydlyWhiplash


    Thanks for your very interesting app. I was planning on giving a copy of it to my daughter, as she enjoys making her own desktop patterns. However, upon opening the dmg file, as well as looking under the help menu, I discovered that there is no documentation for the program anywhere.

    In the absence of any help, similar to Dimitri, my first impulse was to click on the "render" button in order to see what would happen. Like him, I was given the option to save the file in a particular format, and then Oxidizer promptly crashed.

    Upon reading Dimitri's posts here, I discovered that I was supposed to click on the "Gene Pool" option first. After a while, (I am running Tiger 10.4.11 on an eight year old G4 500 Mhz DP machine), the Gene Pool window produced some very nice patterns...and the "Breeding Progress" window indicates that it is still breeding.

    So I am wondering...what is supposed to be the next step after this current step finishes?

    Is there any online step-by-step documentation anywhere which will help newcomers to your  program, like me, know how to properly use your program?

    Thanks so much!

    • David Burnett
      David Burnett


      There are a few Oxidizer tutorials out there...

      There's the official ones I started...http://oxidizer.sourceforge.net/OxidizerHelp/Tutorial.html

      And Then there's Scotts at Rapmant Mac's http://rampant-mac.com/wp/?p=191