Annoucing Oww Client 0.5.4

  • I have just released Oww Client 0.5.4:

    Owwl was enhanced to include new sensor types (mainly for cryogenic readout).

    A status window was added.

    Reconnexion is now automatic, after the remote server drops it.

    Also, owwlog 0.3.11 is up. This mostly has bug fixes, plus the latest sensor support.


    • GSV

      Hi Simon,

      Quick question re the latest (most excellent) Windows client: the help text popup "Oww Client - weather data from Oww" always appears at the highest foreground level when the mouse moves over that window, but doesn't disappear unless the mouse is moved through the boundary of the window while it's active. If another appl window moves to foreground the Help message still remains in the Selected state/foreground and can only be removed by re-displaying the Oww client window and mousing out of the box.  Is this a feature of the client or the GTK+ library?


      • Yes, I get that too. It's a bit annoying.

        I presume it's a bug in the library, but evidence to the contrary would be welcome.