In reading the man page, I noted the "-r --readonly" options (cool!):

-r --readonly

-w --write

Do we allow writing to the 1-wire bus (writing memory, setting switches, limits, PIOs)? The write option is available for symmetry, itís the default.

Being lazy, I first tried using the -r form and it didn't work:

[root@chicago ~]# owhttpd -F -r -s 4304 -p 3001
owhttpd: invalid option -- 'r'
[root@chicago ~]#

But if I use the --readonly form it works (and the web interface is truly read only):

[root@chicago ~]# owhttpd -F --readonly -s 4304 -p 3001
[root@chicago ~]#

Am I misunderstanding the usage? Man page off? Bug?

This is under owfs 2.8p7.