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New 1.6 multilanguage version

I glad to announce new version of the most popular in xUSSR off-line women calendar.
Version 1.6 have only one but very important enhancement. Its multi-language.
For now there are two languages: EN and RU. It's easy to add new one - create a copy of "en_lang.xml", edit contents, and rename to something like "fr_lang.xml" (fr - is the standard ISO two characters language name).

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-12-05

New 1.5.4 version

This is a bugfix release. Users were suffer from some annoying bugs. Many bugs fixed. No new introduced. :)

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-12-02

SVN on SourceForge.net

Теперь исходные файлы проекта не будут выкладываться как .zip архив, а доступны через SVN Source.Forge.net. <a href = "https://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=svn&group_id=219686">Вот здесь</a>. Любой программист, знающий C#, может присоединится к проекту и помогать в разработке.

From now source files will not be released as .zip package, but are available thru the SVN of SourceForge.net. <a href = "https://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=svn&group_id=219686">Find it here</a>. Any C# developer can join the project to help improve it.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-12-02

New 1.5.3 version

This is a bugfix release. Users were suffer from some annoying bugs.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-06-12

New 1.5.2 version

Infomation about current day extended. New cycle length graph added. All About dialog links point to ovulyashki.dp.ua now. Some usability changes. Setting saved to correct directory, no Vista UAC problems should appear now. New Unhandled Exception message box introduced. Minor bugfixes.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-03-04

New and stable 1.5.1 version (en+ru)

The version 1.5.1 was released because of awfull bug on graphics window. The application still lacks english language interface.

Эта версия 1.5.1 была сделана из-за ужасной ошибки при построении графиков. А еще программе не хватает англоязычного интерфейса.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-02-22

New and stable 1.5 version (en+ru)

The new version 1.5 was released. Major goal of the release are some interface improvemetns. It became more intuitive, nice loooking, and simple.

Новая версия 1.5. Главное что было сделано - улучшение интерфейса программы. Теперь он понятнее, приятнее и проще.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-02-17

New and stable 1.4 version (en+ru)

Added link to other sites with pregnancy clendar for each week. New possibility to set end pregnancy date. Day info extended, same info is available on a day tooltip. Some minor fixes/changes like icons, new menu items, current date, date of birth, etc.
Installing into the new folder now. Add 'Uninstall' item into Windows 'Start' menu.

Добавлены ссылки на календари беременности по неделям с разных сайтов. Появилась возможность устанавливать конец беременности. Расширена информация о выделеном дне, она же добавлена в новую всплывающаю подсказку при наведении на чило месяца. Множество мелких исправлений интерфейса и удобности — иконки, пункты меню, текущая дата, дата рождения и пр.
Теперь устанавливается в другую папку. В Пуск добавлен Uninstall.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-02-12

New and stable 1.3 version

New release 1.3 is available now.
Main change is export to Excel in .xls and .csv formats feature.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-02-08

New and stable 1.2 version

Here we go! The application is usefull now. Only in Russian langugage for now.
Next steps are: export all to Excel and translate into English.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-02-06

New 1.1 version.

The new beta version of ovulyashki lacks two more features and some interface improvements. And English translation of course - only Russian is supported for now. But at the moment it can: show menstrustions, ovulations, bazal body temperatures and its graph (printing as well), general woman health, egesta amount, password save, daily notes, horoscope forecasting, ... and many other features.

Posted by Vasily Borovyak (aka KS) 2009-02-06