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The OVAL Interpreter is a freely available reference implementation created to show how information can be collected from a computer for testing, to evaluate and carry out the OVAL definitions for that platform, and to report the results of the tests.

MITRE developed the Reference Interpreter to demonstrate the usability of OVAL definitions, and for definition writers to use to ensure correct syntax and adherence to the OVAL Language during the development of new definitions. It is not a fully functional scanning tool and has a simplistic user interface, but running the Interpreter will provide you with a list of OVAL Definition IDs and their evaluation result. Additionally the Interpreter will produce an oval-results document with detailed results information that can be imported into other compatible tools.

MITRE offers the Interpreters, source code, schemas, and data files at no cost to further the OVAL effort and in hopes that individuals and organizations will build and expand upon them. If you are interested in contributing to the OVAL Interpreter please send an email to oval@mitre.org.

Important: Please note that the OVAL Interpreter is not an enterprise scanning tool; it is a simplistic, command-line interface that has the ability to execute OVAL Content on an end system. To learn more about organizations that provide OVAL content and tools or otherwise support the OVAL Language, please see the OVAL Adoption Program.

License Information

The OVAL Interpreter, which is free to download and use, is licensed under a BSD license.

Version Information

The OVAL Definition Interpreter has four components to its version. The first three components align with the major, minor, and update release versions of the OVAL Language. The fourth component is the build number of the Interpreter. This build number is automatically incremented as we produce and test new releases of the OVAL Definition Interpreter binaries. The complete version identifier has the following form: MAJOR.MINOR.UPDATE.BUILD. For example, "". When a new release of the Interpreter is produced the file that contains the build number (Version.cpp) is committed to the source repository. Then the source is tagged. New binaries and source bundles are then produced by exporting the tagged source and building from it.

Supported Tests

The OVAL Interpreter does not currently support all tests defined in the OVAL Language. For a complete listing of the tests that are supported see the Supported tests page.

Installation Information

Please refer to the Installation page for detailed installation instructions.

External Builds

Please refer to the External builds page for a listing of known external builds of the OVAL Interpreter.

Build Notes

Please refer to the community contributed Build notes page for notes on building the OVAL Interpreter on numerous platforms that are not officially supported by MITRE.

Probe Development

Please refer to the Probe Development page for guidance on developing your own probes.

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