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#29 Enhance the software problem report

Guy Davis
Ronny Hanssen

It would be very nice if some of the information in
the "Report a problem" template where separate fields in
the database. In specific this regards to "software
version", which should perhaps use predefined software
names and versions instead of a freetext field. Also
software problems tend to have different severities. I
know that the priority can be used. But that doesn't
really tell whether the problem makes the application
crash, or if it is a translation issue, a interface problem,
etc. It would therefore be nice if the problem-form had
fields for these. The severity could be a drop-down,
with some predefined severities in it, but which is
extendible just like other parts of OPT.

When designing the "bug form" I guess there might be
other stuff that would be nice to add to it as well.


  • Guy Davis
    Guy Davis

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  • Guy Davis
    Guy Davis

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    At this point the target audience for OPT is wider than just
    software development houses. For example, it is being used
    by a theatre production group as well as various charity
    organizations. For this reason, I don't want to tailor OPT
    to include a number of features of use only for certain
    types of software development.

    That being said, I use OPT for our R&D department of 30+
    developers on both hardware and software projects. We've
    found that it is important to resist the urge to add fields
    for various types of work such as severity as it only
    complicates the interface for others. We find that freeform
    description and comments fields, coupled with the search
    interface, provide all we need.

    If you're a dedicated software house with strong feelings
    about the fields you wish to see in your problem reports, I
    recommend you consider using Bugzilla or Scarab as they have
    more fields (Bugzilla) or are more configurable (Scarab)
    than OPT. Of course, they are missing some of the other
    features of OPT so it's a tradeoff decision.