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Unable to login as admin after install

  • dave111223

    In installed the newest version, (first time using this script for me).
    During the setup i left the admin username as "admin" and set password "admin"

    But when i try to login it says invalid user
    I tried reinstalling a few times but still same error.

    Any ideas?

    • Did the setup script complete succesfully? Have you seen four setup screens, whith the last saying "Congratulations" at the top?

      You have to complete all steps, before the database is ready to use.
      If you have access to your MySQL server log file, you can also check if you have a lot of 'insert' statements, including a line reading

      Query insert into people set fname='Administrator', lname='', uname='admin', pwd='21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3', company=1, lastlog='00000000000000', prevlog='00000000000000', status=1, preflang="en", id=6

      (Mind you: SourceForge mangels the quoting in these forums, so the quotes in the text displayed here might differ from your logfile.)

      You could also check if your database is created, with all tables and that the table 'people' contains the admin entry with a tool like phpMyAdmin. I've just re-tested the 1.2.6 distribution version, and a clean works flowlessly on my test system.

      Rgds, Martin

    • dave111223

      Thanks, i dont think i went thru all the 4 setup pages, maybe i think maybe before the problem was that i was hitting "skip" on the newsletter setup part...
      not sure works fine now though thanks :)

    • I also skipped the newsletter setup because I wasn't able to figure out how to install the corefonts.  I'm using suse 9.3 and plesk so have qmail instead of sendmail.  The only directions I can find are for sendmail.  Anybody got any information on this for me?

      • Sorry, but I know nothing about qmail. Does qmail have something like an alias for the 'sendmail' command? I know Exim has. A quick Google on 'qmail sendmail command' is showing me >500k hits, so I have to assume someone has done this before. Anyway the sendmail part should not be difficult to replace. It's only used to submit mail. You can probably even replace the sendmail command with a qmail equivalent.

        Corefonts: See http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/