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OPT Dead?

  • Is OPT a dead product? Or will work continue on it. The reason I ask is that my place of work is looking for a product. I do like some of the features of OPT. We are currently looking at dotProject, and Copper Project also.


    • OPT is certainly not dead. Although it has been quit for a while, the dev team was recently reinforced with new developers. If you take a look at the developers _list_ at :

      you can see that I've drawn some plans to continue development. Primary objective is to do bug fixing to increase stability and guarantee functionality. Next is to enhance OPT with new features.

      Don't hesitate to contact us thru any of the lists or forums we offer in this project if you have any questions.

      Regards, Martin

    • Got OPT MAX 1.2.5 installed on MacOSX 10.3.6. Seems to be working pretty slick. Working on the jpgraph install for PHP.


      (I will stop posting in both forums)