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OtomiGenX / News: Recent posts

Security issue

Security alert
due checking trough Google with keyword “OtomiGen.X 2.2 (lang) Local File Inclusion Vulnerabilities”, it’s important to change the script at rss.php on line 49
include $cCfg->setLanguage($_SESSION['userID'], $_SESSION['userType'], $_GET[lang]);

you can delete this two lines or comment it
#include $cCfg->setLanguage($_SESSION['userID'], $_SESSION['userType'], $_GET[lang]);

Posted by Anduz 2008-06-11

OtomiGen.X Release

Now you can download the ultimate version of OtomiGen.X, follow the installation instruction, if any question you can contact me at lemba.sono[at]gmail.com

Posted by Anduz 2008-05-28