#112 Crashes and Invalid protocols


I've looked at the Vine server yesterday and there are multiple problems with that server::

1 OSXvnc often just crashes on connect - you will see a lot of crashlogs on the server.
2. OSXvnc uses some protocol for ritch pasteboard sending. Even though the client does not say it supports those extensions, the server will send those packets. Even disabling the extensions does not help.
3. OSXvnc sometimes sends garbled packets.

I have tested it on three servers ( mac mini, mbp,mac pro ) and its reproduceable all the time. It looks like the server is incorrectly missing to initialize variables and state.

Patrick aka Jolly


  • Thanks for the report. Just to be clear -- are you downloading and building the latest source?

    What client are you connecting with?

    Can you give me more clarification on #2 - We are pretty sure that we don't send the Rich Clipboard stuff if that's disabled

    And #3 and can you clarify what kind of garbled packets are sent and when they happen? I presume that's beyond the packets you are seeing for #2?