2.3.8 version released

In this release:
Added "setColumnDynamicSettings" method to LookupController class, in order to format numeric values.
Improved QueryUtil class, by providing:
- other "insertTable" methods, where it is possible to specify fields to insert without extracting values from the value object.
- another "updateTable" method, where it is possible to specify fields to update and not compare.
Improved GridControl component, by adding some utility methods:
- "collapseAllRows", to collapse all expanded rows, in case of grid having nested components.
- "addRowSelectionInterval" to select additional rows
- "removeRowSelectionInterval" to deselect rows
- "clearSelection" to remove all rows selection
Changed attribute name selector in UI designer, in order to include Character type attribute too.
Fixed translation in PolishOnlyResourceFactory class.
Fixed problem in TextFormattedControl when using MaskFormatter.setValueContainsLiteralCharacters(false);
Fixed problem with expandable grids, when using a combobox column as expandable column.

The distribution includes also Jar file libraries, source files, javadoc, licence and readme.txt installation instructions.

Posted by mcarniel 2011-02-13