Grid - Columns - Problems


  • Anonymous


    I am having two problems using OpenSwing the first login screen, if you put only three parameters LoginDialog (parentFrame, Null, This) all Ok, but if you put more parameters screen appears more text fields User and password not.
    The grid, the property "ValueObjectClassName" this with the value "" more columns do not have to select the attributes on the property "columnName" then having to be typed.

    When you run the application and call up the menu I get an error message that I believe may be a consequence of the problem of the grid.
    java.lang.IllegalAccessException: $ 12 Class org.openswing.swing.mdi.client.MDIFrame Can not access a member of class with modifiers public?
    at sun.reflect.Reflection.ensureMemberAccess ( 65)

    Could you suggest me something? I'm using NetBeans 7, the bank Postgre 8.2

    Robson - Brazil

  • mcarniel

    You provided very few information about the problem and of course it's impossibile to help you out!
    Please provide more detail information, e.g. source code about the issue, in order to reproduce the issue