Hi moles! Just a quick note to give a few updates:

1. New March 2013 data released - includes Tigris, Freecode, Rubyforge, Objectweb, Savannah, Alioth. Github project list went up in Jan but no scraper yet, and some forges are being rewritten (github scraper, fsf - all, launchpad - all, gc - all). Get it here: http://code.google.com/p/flossmole/downloads/list

2. Fresh Apache data - we've got some Apache roles data and Twitter data for you. These are new and unused. Read more here: http://flossmole.org/content/two-new-data-sets

3. Still taking username requests for our new database on flossdata.syr.edu. We've got mysql access now and phpmyadmin. Let me know if you want a new account on this shiny new system (email me at megansquire@gmail.com and let me know!)

Happy digging!