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I am writing in investigating if I can use our laser printer in conjunction with a scanner and a Linux server to effectively make a photocopier.  We have a new LaserJet 4250 printer, and I will soon be building a Linux Print Release station for it.  Due to hardware availability, we will likely use a HP ScanJet III (unless this proves to be too slow), which has a SCSI interface. 
What I would like to be able to do is make a custom application with clickable buttons which would execute the scanning and printing process.  I would like this application to call on external programs to do the functions.
What I would like is a Command-Line program which, with options passed on to it, can scan either a letter or legal document and output it to a PostScript file.  After that program is finished, I would like this PostScript file to be previewed in a window (perhaps GhostScript converts it to PDF and it is shown in a PDF viewer).
From you, I would like suggestions of such a program that would allow a scan from the command line (preferrably a link to its page).  It should be OSS or freeware, and run on GNU/Linux, be able to output as a letter or legal-sized document in PS format, and perhaps offer enlarge/reduce functionality.
Also, suggestions of visual programming apps to use to make the button controller, and some documentation to use such (a la Visual Basic style).  Even if the program is limited so as to provide the ability to create buttons which execute external programs, this would be fine.
Suggestions as to Parallel Port automation programs, so that I can create a hardware interface which hooks into the parallel port, and will execute code when a certain button is pressed (IE: Button A, scan letter; button B, scan legal; button c, confirm and print; button d, end/start over; button e, shrink; button f, enlarge).
Thank you for your help.
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