Dear all,

We are happy to inform about the new release version of LibLiveCD version
1.2. This version is made available on

The liblivecd-ver1.2.iso file size is 617 MB.

The current version of LibLiveCD contains Ubuntu 10.10, DSpace-1.7.0, &
Koha-3.2.6. DSpace and Koha are pre-configured and pre-installed.

Along with DSpace and Koha, the CD-ROM also contains following server
related software such as:-

Apache2 Web Server, OpenSSH Server, VSFTP Server, MySQL Server, PostGreSQL
Server, Exim4 Server, Dovecot Server, SquirrelMail Mail Client and minimum
Gnome Desktop Support.

To input multilingual data in DSpace and Koha, IBus input method is also
available with this version. IBus can be started from
System-Preferences-Keyboard Input Methods. Add languages which you need
from IBUS preferences-Input Method Tab.

OpenOffice and multimedia related software are excluded from the CD and
these can easily be installed by running "reload" initially from Synaptic
and then searching and installing. If the synaptic reload does not work
try changing repositories to instead of

Abiword for editing/reading word documents as well as Evince for reading
PDF files is pre-installed with CDROM.

Please write to for any comments/suggestions.

Dr. Sunita Barve
NCRA, Pune
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