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Dear All,

You may find release_2 on http://sf.net/projects/liblivecd by Monday, 8th

Encouraged by good number of downloads, feed back back from the users, in
this release-2, I have provided SCIM support, so that one can enter
multi-lingual data in DSpace and also for MARC Records of Koha. However,
depending on your languages choice, you have to use Synaptic to load extra
language files. Here I have provided only Indic scripts ttf files.

In addition, I changed Apache configuration, so that koha users need not
give port numbers 8000, 8001 for its OPAC amd kohaadmin, they may use
simply http://localhost/opac and http://localhost/kohaadmin. So will be
for dbwiz search, the URL is http://localhost/esearch

More documentation is provided with the release_2.  A few known minor
hitches are removed.

NOTE:  If you are accessing the services on the same system 'localhost' is
fine.  However, if you wish to access from another system, you have to use
IP-Number on a LAN or IP address, if it an Internet IP based machine.

With best regards
ARD Prasad

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