Hi pasp,

I'm glad to see there's ongoing development on Osmo.

I cloned the repository to git/github mainly because I thought the project was abandoned and because the original bug tracker was a mess. It's much easier to contribute/test patches using git so I thought this was a good move. As you said there's a git interface to sf.net, so I will delete the repo as soon as I have transfered the issues at https://github.com/nodiscc/osmo-pim/issues to Osmo's bug tracker (still, sf.net's tracker is very inferior).

Can you give me read/write access to the bug tracker? My nick at sourceforge is n0discc (notice the zero). As I said earlier, some bugs reports need more info/are obsolete/incomplete, so I'll do my best to merge some tickets and delete those who can reasonably be deleted. Could you give me some quick feedback about the issues I've reported at https://github.com/nodiscc/osmo-pim/issues? Are these features requests appropriate or should we forget about them?

No problem about the slow release pace, I've been busy these days too :) (the mail about cloning osmo to github was rotting in my drafts folder for months). Thank you VERY much for writing this app that has helped me in many many ways for a long time.

Thanks again,

2013/9/18 pasp <pasp@quefrency.org>

According to recent activity on our mailing list, I'd like to give you
some remarks.

As I mention earlier several times, the Osmo project is not orphaned.
We've wrote it for our own needs, we use it all the time, and we
constantly improve it and fix the most important issues in our free and
limited time.

Unfortunately, since 2010, two main and only code developers are
extremely busy with real life-related, important things. In the result,
there wasn't a release since then.

We appreciate any kind help form from our users, but Osmo needs more
coders :-) There are many flaws in the code, some internal design faults
and many small issues. So, even inexperienced C programmer can prepare
patches and improve the quality of code base.

Of course, we will fix all waiting errors and implement most of proposed
feature requests, but nobody knows when :-) one day for sure...

In meanwhile, if somebody is unhappy with the progress of Osmo
development, there are two ways: 1) Please send us some patches, 2)
Change the application. Sorry.

We are still open on suggestions and help. For those folks who want
to improve things in code or project page please just let me know - we can
grant an access to such resources. To obtain a write access to SVN
repository you need to prepare patch(es), new translations or other
important(?) stuff.

Sorry for answering in one message.


The best way to clone Osmo configuration is to use the built-in backup
feature. Unfortunately, due to bug in libtar, this feature doesn't work in
recent Linux distros (we're working on replacing libtar with libarchive).
As a temporary workaround please create archive of $HOME/.osmo directory,
then move it to destination machine and unpack archive in $HOME directory.
This way you'll get all required files with proper permissions.

@Julien (nodiscc):

Thank you Julien for your effort. I just wonder why you create git
repository? I don't like an idea to duplicate repository.

Please move your effort to code/maintenance, not to transferring
everything to github.com. By the way, there is git interface to sf.net


If you really want to help, please drop me your nick at sf.net and I will
give you the permissions to change data on Osmo project page.

If you still insist to have Osmo@github, then please change its name to
something other to stop confuse users.


Nice start! I've added link to Osmo web page. Thanks for the work! Keep
going :)


We have some new code and improvements (mostly unfinished) already done
in our local repositories. Many parts of new code is targeted to second
generation of Osmo. So, please stay tuned!

Thank you,

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