jsGantt - 1.2 + OSMO Personal Information Manager
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jsGantt/OSMO Extension-Basic Features
jsGantt-Basic Features



I have been using OSMO for a while now, but been frustrated by the fact that I can not really plan projects with it since it does not truly have an embedded heirarchy feature. It also has been difficult for me to see the relationships between my tasks.

So I went looking for a Gantt chart tool into which I could pipe the tasks_entries.xml file that holds all of the OSMO tasks.

After some time I found jsGantt which very readily accepts the OSMO task file.

So now I can continue to use OSMO but also see the flow and relaltionships (via dependencies of my tasks) by simply adding some formatted text to the start of my Description field.

For Developers:
Most of the real work is being done in the "writeXML" function which replaces the jsGantt parseXML function. It reads the tasks_entries.xml file and in particular the Description field and parses them in such a fashion that jsGantt likes.

See Usage for more details on how to make this work. It's really pretty easy and requires much less work than most other Gantt tools AND empowers you to keep using OSMO but add Gantt visualization to your planning.


Current Issues:
  1. I have not yet figured out what the issues are. But I feel it's good enough for other developers to begin looking at it and extend it even further.
  2. There are only two levels, the Category and the Task. So a true heirarchy has yet to be developed. This is something I have been trying to achieve with OSMO for some time.
  3. TODOS:
    1. Trapping inconsistencies, example Start Dates that occur after End Dates
    2. Add a Heirachy
    3. Add Resources (Currently the resource is listed as "self" which in a local environment seems OK.)
    4. Add Link (So clicking on the item pulls up something real such as a documet or webpage)
    5. Add Milestones


Click here to download the jsganttOSMO.zip file

The zip file contains: the modified jsGantt CSS files (jsgantt.css), the modified javascript backbone (jsGanttOSMO.js), the jsganttOSMO.html file and this ReadMe.html file.


1. Extract the contents of the zip file (jsgantt.css, jsganttOSMO.js, jsganttOSMO.html, and ReadMe.html) files into your /root/.osmo folder. (Or for that matter, to just try it out, you can extract the files to any directory where an OSMO "tasks_entries.xml" file is located.

2. Use OSMO as you normally would.

3. Open the jsganttOSMO.html file in a browser

3. At this stage a very basic Gantt chart should appear in your browser. The start and end dates however are arbtrary.

4. To add Start Dates (the End Date is the due date as you set it in OSMO), %Complete, Task Colors and Dependencies enter additional items into the Description of each task according to the following format:


jsganttOSMO is released under BSD license. If you require another license please contact
If you plan to use it in a commercial product please consider donating the first sale to a charity.

S Vanya-I hope I have done this issuing thing right. As I am new to the (public) development world, I am not sure I did and by all means do not want to step on the toes of Shlomy Gantz/BlueBrick Inc and the other developers who have done such a brilliant job creating a wonderful tool.

If this is licensing has been done incorrectly (Shlomy) please contact me and I will change it accordingly.

jsGantt-Developed by Shlomy Gantz and Brian Twidt
Contributed: Paul Labuschagne, Kevin Badgett, Ilan Admon

jsgantOSMO Personal Information Manager-jsGantt Extension-Developed by Scott Vanya

I (Scott Vanya) want to personally thank Shlomy Gantz, Brian Twidt, Paul Labuschagne, Kevin Badgett, and Ilan Admon for developing such a wonderful tool. It is wonderful to work with and has made my life much easier.

Excellent work, and I deeply appreciate it.