No Graba en la Base de Datos

  • Hola amigos, utilizo la version 11.01, he instalado SNMP y lo configure de tal forma q por si mismo me descubre y me muestra informacion local y de otras maquinas, por medio del webmin le indique las rutas del MySQL, ya defini la variable local $OSM_ROOT que indica en el script de descubrimiento, todos los servicios estan arriba y funcionando independientemente, pero cuando hago el descubrimiento por osmius, termina el proceso pero no no monta nada en el CSV ni por Instancias, q podria hacer, alguno me puede ayudar.

    Muchas gracias

  • Manuel Fraga
    Manuel Fraga

    Hi Andrey,

    Have you installed nmap on the Osmius Server machine? What do you mean with MySQL paths?

    Please provide us more detailed information about what did you do and the problems you found.


  • Hi Manuel

    Thanks for taking my concern, if I have nmap installed on the server, and with the routes I mean that mysql is working correctly, also I have configured the snmp, plus OSM_ROOT global variable defined by the interface osmius performed the discovery to the server doing the test to see if you find locally, and the discovery is completed successfully, but I did not discover anything, CSV or through instances, I wonder if I could provide advice or anything remotely stylish, with to implement this system which I find very useful.

    In advance thank you very much.

  • Manuel Fraga
    Manuel Fraga

    Hi Andrey:

    Can you provide us with the log file called osm_discovery_manager.log?


  • Yeah no problem, In what mail I can send the file? Explainme please how ?