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Read Me

This contains the TinyOS 2.0 source code as of


This tree includes the TinyOS 2.0 documentation in tinyos-2.x/doc; 
you can also find the documentation online at:

Please note that RPM releases do not include the doc/ or tools/
directories. They do not include the former because of the above URL,
where corrections can be applied quickly. They do not include the
latter because that compiled versions of its code are installed in
the tinyos-tools RPM.

The basic directory structure is as follows:

apps: Sample TinyOS applications.
  tests: Sample TinyOS applications which test a part of the system.

doc: Documentation
  index.html: Index file to all documentation
  txt: Text files (TEPs)
  html: HTML files (TEPs, installation)
    tutorial: Tutorials
  pdf: PDFs of larger documents, such as the TinyOS Programming Manual

support: Non-nesC code for using TinyOS nodes
  make: TinyOS make system
  sdk: Standard developers kit: serial communication, etc.
    c: C SDK (fully supported, but not exhaustively tested yet)
    java: Java SDK (fully supported, heavily tested and used)
    python: Python SDK (limited, not fully supported)

tools: TinyOS-specific tools and scripts
  platforms: Platform-specific tools
  release: Scripts and configurations for packaging release RPMs
  tinyos: TinyOS scripts
    java: Native support for TinyOS JNI libraries (serial and env)
    misc: Assorted utility scripts, begininning with tos-
    ncc: The scripts that invoke the nesC compiler: ncc, mig, ncg
tos: TinyOS source code (nesC, C)
  chips: Chip-specific code
  interfaces: Core system interfaces
  lib: Extensions and larger common subsystems
    byte_radio: General radio stack for byte-level radios
    net: Network (multihop protocols)
      ctp: Collection tree protocol
      le: Link estimator
      lqi: LQI-based collection for CC2420 platforms
    power: Power management component library
    printf: Printing small text messages to serial port
    serial: Serial communication
    timer: Timer component library
    tossim: TOSSIM simulator
  platforms: Platform-specific code
  sensorboards: Sensorboard drivers
  system: Core system components
  types: Core system data types (header files)

You can find documentation for the 2.0.1 release online at: