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osFaq / News: Recent posts

osFAQ v1.2.1 ST released

A maintenance release for the osFAQ 1.2 series is available. All users of osFAQ v1.2 are encouraged to upgrade.

The maintenance release fixes some compatibility issues that were reprted with osTicket v1.7.1.3 and

Posted by Tim Gall 2013-10-06

osFAQ v1.2-ST is in development

osFAQ v1.2-ST is currently in development and will be released around the end of March 2013.

You can see some screenshots of the new system at the osFAQ website:

Tim Gall

Posted by Tim Gall 2013-03-12

osFAQ has a new website

The osFAQ website has recently been rebuilt. All of the old content is still there and Im working on a new admin-user-guide section at the moment.


Posted by Tim Gall 2013-03-12

osFAQ v1.2-RC available for download

You can get a copy of the latest version of osFAQ from the downloads area:

Screenshots are available at the osFaq info site:

Tim Gall

Posted by Tim Gall 2013-03-05

osFAQ v1.1ST available

The new release includes full language packs for English, German and Spanish. Many thanks to the translators: Silvio Paschke (German), Francisco Flores (Spanish).


Change Log:

Install Guide:

Posted by Tim Gall 2012-02-03

osFAQ v1.1ST almost ready

osFAQ v1.1ST should be ready for release before the end of January 2012.
For a list of new features, check out the osFaq website

Posted by Tim Gall 2012-01-23

osFaq Translations available

Spanish translations for osFaq are now available for download

Posted by Tim Gall 2011-05-29

osFaq Translations update

Spanish translations for osFaq will be released in the next few days thanks to the efforts of Francisco Flores (SF alias blackpixel1).
They will be made available as a patch pack for people wishing to upgrade existing installs and packaged into the full release for new installs.
A news flash will be posted as soon as they are available for download.

Posted by Tim Gall 2011-05-28

osFaq v1.0-STABLE is available for download

The new version of osFaq is available for download.
V1.0-ST comes with English and German translations.
Many thanks to Silvio Paschke for his German translations.

Translations also extend to the installer.
A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog on the osFaq website:

Happy new year to everyone.
Tim Gall

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-12-22

osFaq v1.0 ST will be released this month

A new release of osFaq is due to be released this month (osFaq v1.0 ST).
The focus has been on bug fixing and completing areas that were not quite complete.
Of note:
The image uploader has been replaced with an AJAX system. This simplifies image management a lot. Theres also an image browser for adding existing images to FAQs.

The translation system is now complete. This covers the installer, client and admin areas including the osFaq admin settings. This completes the osFaq-system translations infrastructure.... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-12-12

Over 900 osFaq downloads

osFaq has been downloaded over 900 times since being released on Sourceforge on November 16 - 2009

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-06-27

osFaq v1.0-rc6 PATCH

A patch for osFaq is in development and is hoped to resolve a file-path issue on windows servers and subdomains with plesk platforms (not necessarily together). Testing of the patch is in progress now. It will be included in the osFaq v1.0-ST (stable) release and made availalbe as a patch for rc6 when its ready.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-06-12

osFaq v1.0-rc6 Available

Version 1.0-rc6 is now available. It contains a number of bug fixes, new features and backend improvements.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-16

osFaq v1.0-rc6 Release note

Version 1.0-rc6 is due to be release over the next 2 days. It contains a number of improvements, future-proofing and additional features.
The most notable new features are an RSS feeder and an improved SEO sitemapper.
A new news item will be posted when the rc6 release is available for download.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-15

osFaq v1.0.RC5 PATCH 1 available

This patch fixes 2 bugs in the installer when upgrading from osFaq v1.0.rc4 to rc5.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-03-17

NEW Release available

A new release of osFaq has been released following the release of osTicket 1.6 STABLE.
The new release (osFaq 1.0 RC5) covers compatibility, numerous improvements and a few bug fixes.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-02-11