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OSERL 2.0 on the way

  • Hi all,

    I´m planning to include major changes in the OSERL behaviors.  I´ve been using my own esme behavior (simplified one) for quite a while and I think I like it better.

    I´m also planning to upload a new version of the common_lib, with new module names (all starting by cl_) and removing those functions that have been finally included in OTP.

    These changes will break backwards compatibility and old applications using OSERL will require important changes in order to cope with the new version of the library.

    This is the perfect moment to share ideas and discuss changes and wishes.

    Kind regards,


    • When will you post OSERL 2.0?

    • By the end of March.

      Kind regards,


    • I'm not the only one waiting to see the new version.

    • Just starting to use Erlang and OSERL, would like to start with 2.0!
      It's almost end of march... its my birthday on the 31'st - maybe it will be my gift!

      • Most likely yes, you will have it for your birthday ;-)  Actually it will be version 3.0.0 and it will include some cool new features, like an asynchronous API for the session and a complete new ESME behaviour.

        Kind regards,


    • My birthday came and my birthday went and I didn't get anything from Enrique :(

      Lets hope it is because he was saving up to make it an even nicer belated gift! V3.0.0 does sound much better than 2.0!

      • Happy birthday and sorry for the delay.  I have to travel these days and could not commit to the expected date.  Hope that this small delay will be worth it after all.

        Kind regards,


        • I'm sure it will be :)

        • I'm sure it will be :)

    • Any estimates on when v3.0.0 will be available?

    • Hi all,

      For those who are waiting for it, version 3.0.0 is now available from the sources on the CSV repository.  Please remember to checkout both, oserl and common_lib.

      This is not yet a formal release of the new version, but we didn't want you to wait any longer (sorry again for these 12 days delay).

      Existing modules will not change and they are mature enough to start working with them.

      There is a minimal example and some manual pages.  To read the man pages type for instance:

      erl -man doc/man/man3/gen_esme.3

      So, what will the final release add?

      - MC behaviours

      - Full documentation and documentation sources.

      - Test suites with greater coverage.

      Looking forward to receive your feedback.  I'm personally much happier with this new design, I really wanted to release it.

      Proper release notes once the package is ready.  Enjoy.

      Kind regards,


    • Great!
      Started my implementation using another project, will start using OSERL 3.0.0 in about a month then.

      • In one month you will rewrite your project them :-D

    • partoa

      Will we be getting the MC behavior for v3 any time soon?

      Let me know if I can help in making this a happen faster.

      • Hi,

        I've just updated the CVS with the re-implementation of the MC that I currently have.  I also included the structure in the test directory.  It is not completed and I must confess that I do not like to upload things that have not been properly tested... but I will never refuse any contributions, so here it is in case you want to have a look at it.

        Any contribution would be very welcome.  In first place any comments on the MC API and new design would be of a great help.  Implementing the gen_mc_SUITE.erl would be also fantastic, and of course, any review, testing and debugging of the gen_mc.erl and gen_mc_session.erl modules would be the ideal.  Thanks.



        • partoa

          Thanks for the commit, lots of great new stuff, I'm having a breeze playing around with it!

          You seem to have renamed macros that had the naming scheme XXX_IDENTIFIER_XXX to XXX_ID_XXX but missed a few modules and actually causes an error in all modules that have macros containing ?PROTOCOL_ID; which is almost all base modules. As a result your latest commit cannot be build unmodified.

          I have fixed that on my end, all the macros use the XXX_ID_XXX naming scheme.
          For anyone who may be having problems with this, the core affected modules are smpp_param and smpp_base, fix this problem there and you're good.
          The smpp_base module will requre you to comment out duplicate definitions, 6 to be exact, nothing a simple find replace can't fix though! : )

          • Committed! thanks for pointing that out.

    • partoa

      I will be running a few tests and making some comments in the code.

      I will be submitting some code too, I'm working on a project currently and I will make a point and submit some of the code.
      Let me know how to submit my changes to you. You might want to enable bzr, git or mercurial so that it would be easier to submit code for reviewing before it can be added to the master branch.

      Kind Regards,
      Patrick Atambo.

    • partoa

      I have downloaded V3 and I'm using it on an esme going into production today.
      I have made some "improvements" to log_mgr so that it can be used with the OTP supervisor behavior. If you would like to give the changes a look let me know.

      I could even write a tutorial on how to implement an esms using OSERL 3.0.
      I could post a blog about it, you can have a look, give feedback and then we take it from there, or you could tell me how to get the files to you. I can't commit to the CVS at th moment.

      • Great news. Thank you very much for your contributions.

        For the time being, I would appreciate if you could please send me any patches or improvements to mpquique _at_ gmail.com

        I'll be fantastic if you could take care of the tutorial you mention,  I'll be glad to double check and make it available in the project.

        Do you have source forge developer account?

        Kind regards,


    • partoa

      Yes, I have a sourceforge developer account, partoa. I will email you the files shortly and I will have the tutorial done by Monday.

      I want it to cover the whole process, including deployment, which was a real pain for me. I should be of great help to any newbie.

      Thanks for the good library.

    • Didya do that tutorial - sounds like something I want to see!