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No method of addnig tickets

  • Roland Hughes
    Roland Hughes

    I came here after searching for a user forum like Mint and Ubuntu have. Some place where we could answer are own questions. Didn't find that. Tried to help the project out by entering a trouble ticket. No method of entry.

    Right now the most annoying problem is broken dual monitor support.

    I have 2 monitors hooked to same video card. (This setup was working correctly with last 3 versions of Mint.) Monitor on my left is connected to VGA port, the one directly in front of me DVI. DVI is always found first in the display settings. The VGA is simply listed as "monitor". No matter what you do, the menu/primary is ALWAYS whatever monitor you configure as "left of". Even after going into the settings editor and checking the DVI as primary, I cannot make it the primary with the secondary on my left.