DevPak Redirection

  • I would like to request that you add the ability to redirect DevPak install locations.
    Presently the devpak install in the location indicated in the DevPak.
    Some use fixed paths and some use relative paths, but you are always stuck with what the creator set inside their devpak unless you extract, edit and repack.
    My two main concerns are:
    1-malicous intent could lead to placement of software in undesired locations or overwrite existing files/data.
    2-when working from the portable version, devpaks are not automtically protable, due to the configured install location.
    Thank you

  • Extropian314

    1- That's true (by accident or malice).
    2- When working with the portable version, one could open `Packman.exe', then use the Install button to install a DevPak. (You could set an association for *.devpak files to point-to Packman.exe, but then the installation would no-longer be completely portable).

    I've never seen fixed paths, or incorrect paths. But it could happen (I just tested it).
    I don't think there's a general & reliable way for Packman to redirect a fixed path, except to detect it and report it: "DevPak is using these fixed paths: [displayed] Continue?"
    However, for a relative path (i.e., using "< app >" macro), Packman could offer the user an option to set where this macro points-to. That could probably be convenient for some.

    And perhaps also try to ensure every DevPak user knows how to inspect & extract the DevPak themselves, manually. (by renaming to *.tar.bz2). Maybe with a link on every DevPak installation frontpage, I'm not sure.. That way they'd have the tools to check things out for themselves. (This was non-obvious to me until I started making my own DevPaks).

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