new ORSA on subversion

After more than one year of development, we're uploading today part of the new version of ORSA to the subversion system. The software requrements are changed with respect to ORSA 0.7.0; in particular, you will need Qt4 in order to process the .pro files and generate the makefiles. Also, you will need the OpenSceneGraph library, the GMP library (GNU Multiprecision), the SPICE toolkit from NASA/NAIF, the GSL library. The old version of ORSA is still available on the CVS, but as soon as we release the new version of ORSA, we plan to remove the CVS repository and continue the development using only SVN. At this point, interested users will probably find some problems in order to compile the library, and no applications are publicly available yet, but this situation will improve in the next future. Since I've never used SVN before, I welcome any suggestion on how to improve the ORSA repository.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2006-06-20