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Database port to SQLite

I just been testing SQLite from sqlite.org and realize that it will be easier to create a desktop version of Oroede with this file based database, since most of the operations on the user desktop will generally entail search and retrieval, with minimal writes to the database itself.

SQLite is fast, real fast in the operations required by Oroede.

Integrating SQLite will also afford the implementation of an installer to facilitate the user setup of the application on the desktop. Planning on using http://sourceforge.net/projects/installjammer/. A well documented opensource install packaging application

Posted by Olumide Otuyelu 2006-11-02

Yorùbá editors needed

If you are a guru in written Yorùbá, in any of its form, from Lucumi, Anago, Nago, Yorùbà, Gullah, and from any part of the World, please take time out to signup and edit the entries for accuracy

Olumide Otuyelu

Posted by Olumide Otuyelu 2006-10-24

Flash interface

Today I will start the Flash interface for Ọrọèdè. I am spending too much time editing the entries, but my Yorùbá is too poor to be of any significant use in that venue. I am therefore going to be concentrating on coding, which I do best.

I will create the initial flash interface for Ọrọèdè using Wordnet English entries only.

Olumide Otuyelu

Posted by Olumide Otuyelu 2006-10-24