Natural ORM Architect: 2010-02 CTP RE-Release

A serialization issue with the new value constraint internationalization support has lead to a modified re-release of the 2010-02 CTP. There were 7 total downloads recorded from sourceforge at time of replacement, so this should not inconvenience too many people. The new product will install directly over the original 2010-02CTP installation. The original release information is duplicated below.

The Febrary 2010 Community Technology Preview of Natural Object-Role Modeling Architect for Visual Studio is now available through or

Expanding the appropriate file download and running Setup.bat will uninstall any old NORMA version and reinstall the new pieces. Visual Studio instances should be shutdown before running setup, and Vista users should use the provided SetupVista.bat or explicitly run Setup.bat as an Administrator. The release includes modifications through changeset 1432.

Because of ongoing work to support join paths (including changes since the October 2009 release), and the added support for locale-portable values in value constraints and sample population, saving files loaded with this new version (even those with no user edits) may add additional information that is not visible to the user, but will nevertheless not load in earlier NORMA versions. Please ensure that model collaborators all have the new version.

The February 2010 release adds support for verbalization of join paths in set comparison constraints and automatic generation of these paths for basic join patterns, value constraints that can be moved across international settings, value constraint editing using the current system settings, drag-reordering or roles within a fact type, and a number of other other minor features and stabilization over the October 2009 release. Details are available in the included Documentation\Readme.htm installed with NORMA and in the SVN change logs on sourceforge. A copy of the readme has also been posted as the release notes on sourceforge so you can review changes before you download the binaries.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2010-03-11