Natural ORM Architect for Visual Studio 2009-03CTP released!

The Object-Role Modeling (ORM) standard version 2, associated schemas and generation tools, and a reference implementation in the form of Natural ORM Architect for Visual Studio.

The March 2009 Community Technology Preview of Natural Object-Role Modeling Architect for Visual Studio is now available through or

Release notes are duplicated here:

Expanding the appropriate file download and running Setup.bat will uninstall any old NORMA version and reinstall the new pieces. Visual Studio instances should be shutdown before running setup, and Vista users should use the provided SetupVista.bat or explicitly run Setup.bat as an Administrator. The release includes modifications through changeset 1383.

The March release is a stabilization release over the February 2009 release. Details are available in the included Documentation\Readme.htm installed with NORMA and in the SVN change logs on sourceforge.The following notable items have been improved:

1) Column name generation in separate or partitioned tables was incorrectly the 'identifier' naming pattern instead of the 'reference' naming pattern, resulting in overly simplified names for referenced elements.

2) Any duplicate constraint names that match the automatically generated name are automatically resolved when the file loads. This makes it much easier to merge multiple versions of the same model file.

3) Opening the Fact Editor with an existing selection would not populate for that selection. Selection had to be changed with the editor visible.

4) Notes and Informal Descriptions are now available for all constraints and for groups.

5) The readme file has been moved to the Documentation directory, which also contains an html form of the core schema file with full comments. The schema comments should also improve the experience of looking at an .orm file in the Visual Studio Xml editor.

6) Added support for external developers to register their own Xml file importers. Additional settings files can be added to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ORM Solutions\Natural ORM Architect\DesignerSettings key using the pattern shown in the 'Core' subkey. Note that the ConvertersDir specified for the core settings file will be used if another directory is not specified. Use 9.0 instead of 8.0 for Visual Studio 2008.

7) Added support for generating multiple database schemas. Mechanisms for leveraging this support with custom properties are discussed in the forums at orm foundation.

8) Fixed an issue with contradition errors not clearly when a role sequence was deleted from a set comparison constraint. This could leave the .orm file in an invalid state.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2009-04-23