#16 Add usefulness to ModelNote

Brian Nalewajek

Having a way to add notes to a model is useful. So is
the ablity to use the ModelNote connector to tie a note
to an object, however there are factors that limit its

I have been unable to connect a ModelNote to a
constraint. I thought that such a connection would
help to document why I used the constraint (as in the
implementation of a business rule). As I would figure
that most business rules are implemented, in an ORM
model, through the use of one or more constraints, this
might be the best way to document where the rule is
implemented in the model. This leads to the next

Each ModelNote in the diagram, shows the same
properties in the properties window. While each note
shows up in the object browser (and selecting the note
in the browser selects the correct ModelNote in the
diagram), there is no unique name or ID visbible to the
user - again limiting purposeful use of the notes to
document parts of the model.

Finally, there doesn't seem to be a way to resize the
ModelNote rectangle. It expands for longer text
entries, but even multiline entries show as one long
narrow rectangle - where it can get in the way of other
model elements.

I do like that you can connect one note to more than
one object. In all it's a good feature, please keep
refining it. BRN..


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    Along the same lines, can you add a note property to constraints (especially external), to be able to better document the model, and add hooks for other types of processing. Thanks. BRN..